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ЧаВо о тренировках

Where is the best place for practising?

It's optimal to go outside, or at least open the window. The forest, park or city garden are good choices.

When is it better to practice?

It is recommended to practice in 2 hours after a meal, or on an empty stomach.

What position to choose for the training?

Choose the comfortable position available for you for the moment.

How to create an effective training program?

For best results, select one or two types of training to practice those patterns regularly, at least 15 minutes a day. You can occasionally use other patterns, if you need their specific effect, but do not change the basic training too often. When with your basic training you see the results that suit you, you can change it.

Is it ok to combine breathing gymnastics with other things?

Yes, if they don't include the physical effort and don't interfere with proper breathing techniques. But still it's much more effective just to close your eyes and to concentrate on the process.

How to combine breathing practices with the asanas, sports and other physical activities?

It is recommended to do the asanas first, and after that, at least in 45 minutes, do breathing exercises. Regarding sports and other physical activities, the order here is not that important, it is important to keep the break to restore breathing and heart rate.

Is it possible to combine breathing exercises presented in this application, with other breathing exercises, for example, by Frolov or Strelnikova?

Yes, there are no determined contraindications for this, but it would be better to place these trainings in different parts of the day.

How long can I train?

The optimal training time for beginners is set as default, that is 7 minutes. You can change it, but it is not recommended to do more than 15 minutes in a row. Taking less than 3 minutes, you should not expect any significant result.

How to take a "proper" breath?

Please see full inhaling for detailed instructions.
In short: inhalation comprises three stages, which smoothly flow one into the other.

  1. First, fill your bottom section of the lungs with air. This expands your stomach, but chest remains immobilized.
  2. Then inhale with the middle section. The rib cage expands.
  3. Finally, fill of the upper section of the lungs with air. The clavicles rise up.

How to do an air retain?

Please see air retaining for detailed instructions.
In short: before air retaining, fill the lungs with air only by 90-95% to prevent dizziness. If necessary, close the nostrils with your fingers.

How do breathe out properly?

Please see full exhaling for detailed instructions.
In short: exhalation is performed inversely to inhalation. That is, first release the upper section of the lungs, then the middle and finally - the bottom, contracting your stomach.

How to do an air sustain?

Please see air sustain for detailed instructions.
In short: do not sustain your breath at your maximum exhalation. Leave as much air as there remains during your regular exhaling, that is 5-10% of the lungs volume. At the last second quickly exhale this leftover.

How is it better to breathe - with the nose or the mouth?

If in description of the training pattern another way is not mentioned, inhaling is only done through the nose, exhaling, you can use both nose and mouth. When exhaling through your mouth, it is recommended to fold the lips.


Is there the iOS / Blackberry OS version of this app?

For this very moment this app is available for Android OS only, as the development for another version requires significant resources that I don't have. But hopefully someday this app will be available in Apple App Store as well!

Why does the app require the access to SD card, including photos?

As there is a backup option (saving to & restoring from a backup file), the app needs to get to your SD card. I would rather name it "an access to SD-card", but that's how App Store call it, there's nothing I can do.

Prana Breath doesn't interact with any of your media, documents etc., as it doesn't need it. Also it doesn't use any of analytic services and doesn't collect any of your data.

You can read more in our really short Prana Breath Privacy Policy

What is the time limit for a phase?

The cycle is limited to have the duration of 25 (for ratio of breath cycle) * 80 (for "sec per unit index) = 2000 seconds. For Guru version it is 50 * 80 = 4000 seconds.

Can I delete the patterns I don't use?

Yes, you can, if they are the ones you've created yourself, or the ones that you've downloaded from our database. And no, if they are default patterns, as you might need them later, and there's no way you can restore them.

Will Prana Breath be synced with Google Fit?

For now it's not in plans, as it will be not that informative for the users. Google Fit has no activity "breathing gymnastics"; the closest one is "meditation", where it tracks time and calories burned. Time is tracked in Prana Breath anyway, and "calories" in apps are usually calculated incorrectly, as at least 20 parameters of your body should be considered (not only sex, age, and weight).

Something not working

Sounds not working?

  • Please make sure that sound switch in main menu is on, as well as different sounds (background, phase transition, metronome and stop/pause sound) in Sounds tab are of audible volume; please see the screenshots below:

Prana breath turn on sounds 1.jpg Prana breath turn on sounds 2.jpg Prana breath turn on sounds 3.jpg

  • Please make sure that you haven't turned off the animation, as fade time and fade level depend on you animation settings.
  1. Go to Settings from your device's main menu.
  2. In the System section choose "Developer option".
  3. Tap on "Animator duration scale".
  4. Choose "Animation scale 1x".

Prana breath anim off 1.jpg Prana breath anim off 2.jpg Prana breath anim off 3.jpg

Reminders don't work properly. What can I do?

Usually it is the problem of some Chinese vendors, as they modify some standard Android services. It's next to impossible for for the developers, to cope with those "improvising". Please search for the possible ways to fix this problem for your device it in the internet.
If you have Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, here's the solution for you: http://en.miui.com/thread-223704-1-1.html

Guru version FAQ

Where are "diverse breath methods"?

Diverse breath methods are available for self-created patterns only. You can copy the existing pattern and then can use this feature (see the next question why so). If in short: choose the pattern you're working with, turn the Dynamic mode on (switch in the top right corner in Dynamic tab), double-tap on a cycle, and see the menu item "Breath methods" in the right drawer appeared. Pick breath methods for this cycle. Also keep in mind that you can alternate the nostrils every few cycles if you wish (see this option in the right drawer and remember to press "Apply" after you're done with the settings).
Look here for the detailed instructions.

Why can't I change the default pattern ratio even in Guru version?

It's important to have those 8 basic patters untouched, as you may need them later. Otherwise the specific effect for a certain pattern cannot be guaranteed if the ratio has been modified.
You can copy the existing pattern for your experiments.

How can I pay for Guru version other than with Google Wallet?

The only way for me is to sell the Guru version via Google App Store, in order not get banned by Google, as they get 30% of the money and don't want it to go elsewhere.
Please look through accepted payment methods in order to choose what suits best for you.
But, if you can offer the translation or another kind of contribution, there is the possibility for me to grant you with the promo-code. Please contact me if you have some suggestions.

What's the difference of features I can get, depending on the price I pay for Guru version?

There is NO difference as for features you get. If you choose 3-months subscription, you will have all the features for this period of time only, then they you can prolong the subscription of cancel it, if last - Guru features will be locked.
Other option, "Guru forever" has 3 prices to choose from. This way you decide the amount of contribution yourself, depending on how much you like the app and what your financial situation is. I wanted the app to be affordable but still to be able to keep supporting it in high-quality way.

I have payed for Guru version, but the app looks the same. What should I do?

If you are not sure, if you have Guru version after the purchase, go to Features tab and see if you have "Gongrats! You have it!" line in the bottom (the last screenshot here). If you do, all Guru features are unlocked.

If you still have a dialog saying that you have Guru version blocked, restart the app, I mean restart it completely, swiping it out of the backstack. If it doesn't work, it's possible that your payment has not been processed. Google sometimes declines the transactions if for whatever reason it doesn't like the card. If that's the case, I suggest you to look through your purchase list, and see if this app has been purchased.

In any case, I can always return your money back so you can try again.

After the update I'm back to free version, even though my Guru subscription is not outdated. What should I do?

Guru version is tied to the e-mail account you used for purchasing the app, so please make sure you're logged in it. Then restart the app completely, swiping it out of the backstack. After launching the app you should have your Guru version back. If it did not work, please contact us.

If I plan to use Prana Breath on a few of my devices, should I buy Guru version for each one of them?

No, you should not. In order to have Guru version activated on your another device, you just need to be logged in the very same e-mail account you've used while purchasing the app. As you log in, restart Prana Breath completely, swiping it out of the backstack. Then you will be able to use Guru version on this device as well.

I've received a promo-code. What should I do next?

Please look through this article and have you Guru version in a minute!

I've donated to your app, and received a code. What should I do next?

Please take a look at this article and get your discount for Guru version!

How can I cancel my subscription?

I'm not responsible for your subscription, as you're interacting with Google Play Subscription rules. So you're the only one who can cancel it, in your Google Play account. [Here's the official instruction how to do that].