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Ratio of breath cycle is the relation between each part of the breath cycle (inhaling, retaining, exhaling and sustaining) the air, expressed in proportion units or constant time. It is the core and the basis of breathing gymnastics, as it enables the specific effect of every training type.
Each of the ratio indexes will be multiplied by "seconds per unit" parameter to create your actual breathing pattern.

Set/change the ratio

  1. Go to Control tab.
  2. Choose a training type you've already created/downloaded.
  3. Press on "Ratio of breath cycle" item.
  4. Use spinners to choose the ratio you'd like and press "OK". Note that Bpm value has been changed as well.
  • If you set any phase to "0", there will be no such phase in your pattern.
  • Note that for the defaults 8 training types the ratio cannot be changed, even in Guru version, see here why it is so.

Using advanced settings for the ratio value in Guru version

  1. Go to Control tab.
  2. Choose the training you'd like to set a special ratio for, or the downloaded training that you'd like to change/adjust.
  3. Tap on the "per mille" button right to the "Ratio of breath cycle" item.
  4. Set the ratio according to your needs (see details below) and tap on "Save" on top right corner.

4 different ways to modify the breath cycle

  1. Set the usual ratio: if all check boxes are unchecked, use a picker to set the ratio for a phase.
  2. Set the fractional ratio: if you check "fractional" check box, there are 2 pickers to set a phase with the fractional part.
  3. Set constant time: if you check "constant time" check box, use a picker to set the exact duration of a phase.
  4. Set constant fractional time: if you check both "constant time" and "fractional" check boxes, use 2 pickers to set a phase.

NB! The constant time you've set for a phase is its actual duration; it is not a ratio's index, so it will not be multiplied by "seconds per unit" parameter.