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Training tab is the a tab in Prana Breath app, where the main training process occurs, once you start your session of breathing or meditation.

What can be seen and done in Training tab

In action bar

(from left to right)

  • The name of the tab — "Training"
  • Menu button, that comprises the following items:
    • Details
    • Info - pressing on it you will be directed to the wiki page
  • Once you start the training, there will appear more buttons:
    • +1 button
    • Pause button

In main screen

Start, pause and stop the training

  1. Start the training: press in the middle of the circle (for "Circle", "Planets" or "Asteroids" training charts), or somewhere in the middle of the screen (for "No chart" or "Line" training charts).
  2. Pause the training: tap on big "Pause" button on the action bar, or in the middle of the screen where you see the time/cycle countdown. You will hear the pause sound, if the sounds are not turned off.
  3. Resume the training: tap on "Resume" button on the action bar, or the middle of the screen again. Note that after resuming the training starts from the beginning of the cycle you've paused.
  4. Press the "+1" button in action bar, if you'd like to practice more than you've set in Control tab. It adds one more minute or one more cycle to your training duration. Note if your training duration is set in amount of time, and you press "+1" button, it might be increased more than for 60 seconds, as the session should comprise the integral amount of cycles.
  5. Stop the training: press the "Stop" button that appears in bottom left corner. You will hear the stop sound, if the sounds are not turned off.

Control the training process from notification area

  • You can work in other apps (for instance, edit text/photos) while practicing, and control your training easily. Just use the app's infobox in the notification area, where you can open the app fast (tap on the info box), pause/resume and stop the training.
  • If needed, you can add more components to the notification info box, using the following options in Settings tab (it is available for Guru version only):
  1. Turn on "With time" switch, and you'll be able to see how much time and how many cycles left till the end of your training.
  2. Turn on "With progress bar" switch, and you'll be able to see the declining progress bar for the current phase.

Choose the training type

Use 3 different ways to choose another training type in Training tab:

  1. Scroll up/down in the tab.
  2. Scroll the bubble list appeared on the right when you scroll up/down.
  3. Tap on big purple button on the bottom left, and find the training type you need on the list.

Choose the training chart

The easiest way to choose another training chart is long pressing on the chart when the training is paused/stopped.

Look through the training details

While practicing, you can look through the training details without the need to pause the training. Tap on menu button on top right corner, and choose "Details" item.

Turn off the sounds

If you need to turn off the sounds during your breathing session or meditation, just use the "volume down" key of your device, or switch the sound off in Options tab.