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To have pleasant yet challenging experience in breathing gymnastics, it's important to find the thin line between the "too easy" and "too hard", and to proceed at a comfortable pace, as this "thin line" is shifting as you practice.

Criterions of the best training complexity

  • While practicing, you feel quite comfortable, feeling if you increase each phase for a few seconds, it should get quite hard to keep up.
  • During the breathing session you don't yawn and aren't sleepy (if that's not a pattern that helps you to fall asleep, like 4-7-8 breathing).
  • You don't want to catch your breath after your training is over.

If the training is too complicated

Here are some options:

If the training is too easy

Some options for this case:

NB! After you've found your perfect training complexity, look what "breaths per minute" index there is. You can set any other pattern with the very same index, and it will be comfortable too. It won't work for some special patterns that imply very short or very long cycles, like for Purifying breath.

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