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One Minute breath is the extra preset set of patterns in Prana Breath app for version 7.0 and later, available in Guru version.



  • effective calming of anxiety, fear and worry
  • giving a feeling of mental balance
  • bringing joy to the present moment
  • improving intuition
  • training your lungs to process oxygen effectively

Origin, history

This training type, as well as "Harmony" and "Power", is derived from Pranayama, an ancient Vedic technique of breathing gymnastics, and is considered to be a variation of Sama Vritti Pranayama ("even breath" from Sanskrit), that is especially honored in Kundalini Yoga.
It was popularized by Yogi Bhajan, who once said "When you practice one breath a minute, then you become Pavan Guru - you become the light and knowledge of the Prana, and then you know the Universe, the Universe knows you." (Yogi Bhajan 7/26/96)
In Prana Breath this training type is adapted even for people that don't practice Yoga and/or don't have much time for practice but still need its effect.

Setting the training

  1. Download those patterns if you don't have them yet.
  2. Choose this pattern of a certain stage in Training tab or Control tab.
  3. Choose the stage according to your experience and fitness. The classical version is stage 3, stage 1 and 2 are the simplified versions.
  4. It is recommended to practice a few minutes of Bhastrika before starting this pattern.

Training process

  1. Choose the comfortable position.
  2. Empty your lungs, breathing out with effort ("Prepare").
  3. Inhale through your nose.
  4. Retain the air, making sure you don't create excessive tension anywhere in your body.
  5. Exhale slowly and gradually through your nose or mouth.
  6. Keep breathing like in steps 3-5 till the end of your training session. If you practice stage 1, you'll have repose cycles in between so you can restore your breath.
  7. After you're done, you might take some time for meditating and contemplating yourself.
  • You might feel you feel too warm during this training - it's normal. Be prepared to remove some excess clothing.

Other questions

How long should I train? How can I combine this pattern with another? Should I always inhale through my nose?
If you have such or other questions, please look through the FAQ page.