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Chants, or Mantras, are different sounds that might be produced during inhaling and exhaling. They are used in some patterns of breathing gymnastics for achieving specific training effects. In Prana Breath app they are represented with chant indicator, that shows you the chosen chant while you are practicing.

Why to use chants

Different chants (mantras) can add up to your breathing gymnastics experience, for instance:

  • "Oooom", or "Aauuum", is the sacred syllable in various religions. It vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, and is considered to be the basic sound of the Universe.
  • "Ssss" is produced during forced inhaling. It helps to fill the lungs with air as fast as possible, that is sometimes used in some martial arts.
  • "Hhhaa" helps you to exhale completely in order to get rid of stagnant (or poisonous) air effectively.

Where chants may be found

You can see them in following places in the app (again, it works only for your own custom trainings or certain downloaded patters):

  1. In Control tab, under the "Breath methods" item.
  2. In Dynamic tab, when you are modifying a certain cycle.
  3. In Training tab, while practicing.
  • Note that the background color of the indicator is the very same as for the correspondent phase. You can change it this way.

Setting chants for your training

In Control tab

  • If you want to have the same chants for every single cycle in your training, perform the following:
  1. Go to Control tab.
  2. Choose the training type you need.
  3. Tap on the "Chants" item that arrived under the "Breath methods" item.
  4. Choose the methods that you'd like for every phase available in your ratio, and press "OK".

In Dynamic tab

Chant indicator

Moving chant indicator

You can move the chant indicator in any part of the main screen in Training tab while you are practicing.