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Training type is the pattern of breathing gymnastics that comprises parameters of "ratio of breath cycle" and "breath methods", and sometimes some actions (like breath methods or chants).

What training types there are in the app

In Prana Breath app there are 7 default training types with different purpose and effects.
They are:

There is the possibility to create and to practice the unlimited number of Custom trainings.

More preset training types

Also in Guru version you are able to download new patterns, that are:

Pattern wiki-page File to download
Anulom Vilom Anulom_Vilom.trng
Bahya Bahya.trng
Bhastrika Bhastrika.trng
Chandra Bhedana Chandra_Bhedana.trng
Kapalbhati Kapalbhati.trng
Nadi Shodhana Anulom_Vilom_stage_1.trng



Pratiloma Pratiloma.trng
Sitali Sitali.trng
Sitkari Sitkari.trng
Square breathing Square_breathing.trng
Surya Bhedana Surya_Bhedana.trng
Udgeeth Udgeeth.trng
Ujjayi Ujjayi.trng
Vrajana Vrajana_stage_1.trng



Tibetan Buddhist practices
Purifying breath Purifying_breath.trng
Tummo (Inner Fire) Tummo.trng
Ha breathing Ha_breathing.trng
4-7-8 breathing 4-7-8_breathing.trng
Buteyko breathing Buteyko_shallow.trng


Oriental Breathing Method
Rhythmical breath Rhythmical_breath.trng
Prolonged breath Prolonged_breath.trng
7 by 7 breathing 7_by_7_breathing.trng
Treble breath Treble_breath.trng
Snuffle-snuffle breath Snuffle-snuffle_breath.trng
Broken wind breath Broken_wind_breath.trng
Quit smoking
Smoking to celebrate Smoking_to_celebrate.trng
Smoking to avoid anxiety Smoking_to_avoid_anxiety.trng
Smoking to avoid sadness Smoking_to_avoid_sadness.trng
Voice improving
Singer Singer_exercise_1.trng


















Sing better Sing_better.trng
Distinguished singer Distinguished_singer.trng

How to choose/change the training type

Option 1

  1. Go to Training tab.
  2. Swipe up/down until you find a name of the training type you need.
  • You may also click on a bubble list item to go straight to the pattern you need. This list appears after you swipe up/down on the screen's right.

Please see this screenshot for the visual guidance:
File:Prana breath chose type 1.jpg

Option 2

  1. Go to Training tab.
  2. Long press somewhere near the screen center
  3. Choose the one you need from the list appeared.

Please see this screenshot for the visual guidance:
File:Prana breath chose type 2 1.jpg File:Prana breath chose type 2 2.jpg

Option 3

  1. Go to Control tab.
  2. Press on "Training type" item.
  3. Choose the one you'd like from the list. Now you are ready to start the training!

Please see these screenshots for the visual guidance:
File:Prana breath chose type 3 1.jpg File:Prana breath chose type 3 2.jpg

How to reorder patterns in training list

If you need to change the order of your patterns, for instance, if you want to have your most used patterns in the top of the list, please do the following:

  1. Open the list of training patterns in Training tab or Control tab.
  2. Long press on the pattern you'd like to move.
  3. Move it to the desired position.
  4. Release the finger. The pattern will remain at the new position.

Please see these screenshots for the visual guidance:
File:Prana breath reorder trng 1.jpg File:Prana breath reorder trng 2.jpg File:Prana breath reorder trng 3.jpg


Watch the following video to see how to choose and reorder the patterns:

How to get new patterns

Please follows those instructions.