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Progress tab is the a tab in Prana Breath app, where you can evaluate the improvement of your training parameters, namely "breaths per minute" and "trainings time" (that is total time spent for your practice, in hours and minutes, summed for all trainings). It is available for Guru version only.

What can you see and set with Progress tab

In action bar

(from left to right)

  • Main Menu button
  • The name of the tab — "Progress"
  • Menu button in the right corner, that comprises the "Info" and "Reset" items

In main screen

  • Navigation arrows
  • Parameter picker
  • Time unit picker
  • Progress chart

Please see this screenshot for the visual guidance:
Prana breath progress tab.jpg

View your progress in statistics

  1. Choose a "breath/min" or "trainings time" item with the spinner.
    1. "Breath/min" chart shows your achievements in training complexity.
    2. The graph "trainings time" shows how much time you devoted for your practice.
  2. Choose the time unit - day, week or month, that you'd like to view the results of. Note that if you choose "week", you'll see the date of the first day of the week on the graph below.
  3. Navigate with the arrows (they are near the spinners), or touch the graph area at the sides (under the arrows) to observe the time period you'd like.
  4. Touch and hold the chart bar to see the exact result and date in a toast.

Please see these screenshots for the visual guidance:
Prana breath progress nav 1.jpg Prana breath progress nav 2.jpg Prana breath progress nav 3.jpg Prana breath progress nav 4.jpg

Reset the data in Progress tab

  • If for whatever reason you'd like to reset the data in this tab, you can do that, performing the following:
  1. Press on menu button in the right corner of action bar.
  2. Press on "Reset" item.
  3. Confirm your decision, pressing "RESET". Note there are no graph with your results.
  • NB! This will affect this tab only, NOT your trainings, settings or sounds!
  • NB! If you have the backup file created before resetting the data in this tab, you can have it back after restoring.