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Breath methods are different ways to inhale, exhale, retain or sustain the air. They are used in different Pranayamas for achieving a specific training purpose. In Prana Breath app they are represented with breath method indicator, that shows you the chosen breath method while you are practicing.

Why use diverse breath methods

According to "Light of Pranayama" by B.K.S. Iengar, different breathing methods are used to adjust the effect of breathing session, for instance:

  • breathing with right nostril activates the "sun" energy that energizes and warms you up (see Surya Bhedana pattern);
  • with left nostril - activates the "moon" energy that calms and chills you down (like in Chandra Bhedana pattern);
  • with the mouth - releases heat and provides lots of oxygen while performing some complicated asanas (shouldn't be done for a long time);
  • alternating nostrils harmonizes "sun" and "moon" energy, and is a common practice. You can find it in Anulom Vilom and Nadi Shodhana Pranayamas.

Where breath methods are shown

You can see them in following places in the app (again, it works only for your own Custom training or certain extra preset patterns):

  1. In Control tab, under the "Seconds per unit" item.
  2. In Dynamic tab, when you are modifying a certain cycle.
  3. In Training tab, while practicing.
  • Note that the background color of the indicator is the very same as for the correspondent phase. You can change it this way.
  • If you set "inhale" or "exhale" with a certain nostril, you will hear a phase transition sound from corresponding side only in your headsets or stereo speakers.

Setting breath methods for your training

In Control tab

  • If you want to have the breath methods the same for every single cycle in your training, perform the following:
  1. Go to Control tab.
  2. Choose the training type you need.
  3. Tap on the "Breath methods" item that arrived under the "Seconds per ratio unit" item.
  4. Choose the methods that you'd like for every phase available in your ratio.
  5. Press "OK".

Please see these screenshots for the visual guidance:
Prana breath set breath methods 1.jpg Prana breath set breath methods 2.jpg Prana breath set breath methods 3.jpg

In Dynamic tab

Breath method indicator

Moving breath methods indicator

You can move the breath method indicator in any part of the main screen in Training tab while you are practicing.

  1. Wait till the indicator shows up during the certain phase.
  2. Touch and hold the indicator. Note that the button's background fades a bit.
  3. Move it to the place you like and release the finger.

Please see these screenshots for the visual guidance:
Prana breath drag drop breath methods 1.jpg Prana breath drag drop breath methods 2.jpg Prana breath drag drop breath methods 3.jpg Prana breath drag drop breath methods 4.jpg

  • Note that if you switch to landscape view on your device (if you've moved the indicator in portrait view), the indicator will remain on the initial place, as there are different screen coordinates. You can move it, performing the mentioned above, and put the indicator in another place that you think is best for it. It will remain there in landscape mode for this training pattern.

Choose breath method indicator view mode

There are two possible ways to perceive breath methods - either as in the mirror reflection, or as you see another person in front of you. So you may pick most comfortable way in Settings tab.


Watch the following video to see how setting of breath methods for the whole training looks like: