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Breath cycle is the repeatable pattern of breath phases that include inhalation, exhalation, and might include air retention and air sustain, depending on a "ratio of breath cycle", and thus a training type chosen. The length of a breath cycle, divided by time (in minutes) is, known as "breaths per minute" value; it defines the training complexity of your breathing gymnastics session.

Where the breath cycle can be seen in the Prana Breath app

It appears in Training tab and Control tab, expressed visually as the training chart.
Also it can be seen as a line graph in Dynamic tab.
Prana breath trng chart ring.jpg Prana breath ctrl chart ring.jpg Prana breath trng chart line.jpg Prana breath ctrl chart line.jpg Prana breath dynamic turn on 2.jpg

How the breath cycle can be set

Use the parameters you can find in Control tab and Dynamic tab.