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Shhhh on sustain.

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    Hello, I assume it sounds inappropriate but Shhh chant on sustain bit will be very handy to have. That option became essential after observing the body of mine. Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Gerard.
    Please tell me how will you be able to pronunce “Shhh” on sustain? As this phase means holding the breath, but for such sound we need to let in or out the air.

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    Yeah, you are right, I just imagined that sound in mind and I guess some channels are opened and that helped to improve my practice goal at that pattern significantly. Just did not want to lose that image. It is improved since then. Regards.

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    Nadia Albul

    Hello Gerard!

    That’s an interesting practice! But I’m afraid most users would not understand this, and they will write tons of letters like “oh I can’t do Shhh on sustain, it makes me feel dizzy” or something like that. How do you think?

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    I agree with you.

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