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Iceman breathing

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    First of all big thank you for creating such great application! I thought it would be good to others to know that Iceman breathing exists. More info can be found here: http://www.icemanwimhof.com/wim-hof-exercises . I have created .trng file so it is similar to this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxoXYFtFKZJNWGhJSk5VY21EYjA/view?usp=drivesdk . Regards.

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    Nadia Albul

    Hello Gerard!

    Thanks you!

    Yes, Wim Hof is a great example of what wise usage of breathing gymnastics can give. But actually the breathing pattern he bases on is very ancient, and we have it in Prana Breath: http://pranabreath.info/wiki/index.php/Tummo

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this pattern, and I’m curious to try it to see if there is any difference with Tummo effect.

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    Hello, please let me know about your experience, feeling, sensation in comparison of two patterns mentioned above.

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    Iceman breathing is nice but it’s one of those breaths that are harder to quantize in my opinion, because the pace at which you breathe can change here, from round to round (I’ve had better results when following my own pace here). I would say it’s more like bhastrika in a way, and the ratios are more like 1:0:2:0, so that’s kinda mirroring what tummo is like. This is based on observing Wim Hof (you can almost count 1 on the inhale, and 2, 3, on the exhale). For breaths like this or kapalbhati I think it’s pretty hard to actually use the app, because you need to get into your own rhythm, I still use the app more like a time tracker here, haha. That’s not to say one couldn’t use the app for this, I’ve tried it myself and it’s awesome to be able to practice in an organized manner as well, see which way works best for you. Anyways, just bumping this thread with my thoughts and opinions (completely unneeded, I know, haha), take care! Happy breathing, haha.

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    I have no problems to follow the rhythm of rapid phase (kapalbhati, tummo), just change “phase transition sound” to very distinct but short sound.

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    Yeah, I think the app makes things super clear, in fact I think kapalbhati is set up pretty slow by default (maybe a good place for one to start when becoming more aware of the diaphragm). I was just saying I personally like to get into my own rhythm in the case of kapalbhati and Wim Hof method because it seems more natural to me, I guess I didn’t express it exactly that way haha, but that’s what I meant to say. Thanks for the tip though, I really like the default sounds, I may experiment with them now just to see what else is there, cheers!

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