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Can't install downloaded new patterns

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    I bought Guru version, and tried to install the extra files that are available here on the site but with no avail 🙁 I get the message “oops there was an error” from the app, or from the phone “there’s no app installed that can open this file”.

    I really want to try a few of these. I appreciate your help.

    Kind regards,

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    Hello Penelope!

    Make sure you’ve downloaded new patterns one of this way: http://pranabreath.info/wiki/index.php/Backup_tab#Import_single_training

    Let me know if it worked!

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    Hi, I have exactly the same problem. I downloaded in exactly the way you show on the link. It does appear to download but when I go to open it it says “Restore the selected backup file” with the option to Cancel or Restore. I was puzzled so clicked on restore. Little did I realise that I was actually restoring an old backup file of another app (2do) located on DropBox!!!! Fortunately I happened to have another more recent backup of 2do otherwise this would have been disastrous! I have tried downloading and opening several different files and each time it seems to redirect me to this file. So weird and so potentially destructive.
    I don’t know if the error lies with your app or with android, but hopefully you can look into this. I suspect my error is the same as the lady’s above as if it is trying to read the file in another app rather than your app. Hope you can resolve this, I have just bought the guru version and am eager to start using it to the full!

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      You wrote: “but when i go to open it it says….”
      Thats the mistake! Never open these files, import them inside the app in the shown way. If you want quick respond from the Keymaster, write him in his Facebook Account.
      Happy Breathing?

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        I did do this by the instructions and that is why I had the problem.

        When I later did it the way I SHOULDNT then it WORKED.

        To clarify importing didn’t work, opening did.

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        Forget it

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    I would appreciate a reply to this. I did manage to install the patterns using a different method, not the one you described in your help. However, having bought a lifetime subscription I would have expected a bit of feedback on my problem by now. It would be a shame if I had to give this app a negative review.

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      Forget it, you don’t need to reply, I will use an app thats more straightforward.

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        Tell me, when you find a alternative app, i would give it a chance too!

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    Nadia Albul

    Celia, I am sorry, for some reason I’ve missed your message here.

    Yes, there might be a problem within the app, I will check it. You see, there are so many devices, that it’s not that easy to make sure it will all go smooth on all of them. Usually at least of two ways of importing works. Hopefully you still can enjoy your Guru version!

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