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I am Oleksandr's wife, and his “right hand” in charge of user support on Google Play, Amazon, forum and social media, as well as of wiki-articles. I write all the texts you see within the app and on this wiki, and also do the translation to Russian and Ukrainian. Also we are discussing the apps' design and UI during (and sometimes instead of) our evening tea.

Honestly, once my husband had published his very first app, I didn't think that could be more than a hobby, as I really underestimated how many people need a nice app for breathing gymnastics practice. But once the app gained its popularity and got so much inspiring feedback, I realized that's exactly what is perfect for Oleksandr to do – to keep coding and enjoy the fact his work makes a difference. So he does! And I gladly help him in what I can an when I can (luckily small kids do sleep sometimes), to make this world a better place!