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Training duration, or Total training duration, is the amount of time or of cycles that your session of breathing gymnastics or meditations are scheduled to last.


The best training duration depends on many factors - your emotional and physical conditions, the desired effect, the training type itself, etc.
Though there are some rules that will help you to find it:

  • If you're the novice, make sure you practice 7-15 minutes per session, one pattern at a time.
  • If you use sophisticated pattern (for example, Bhastrika, Ha breathing, Buteyko breathing), make sure you practice within recommended (set as default for this pattern) time period, or you increase the training duration gradually once you find the optimal duration.
  • Use "Dynamic mode" to reinforce the effect of your practice. Increasing the training duration by itself does not necessarily mean you're progressing.
  • If you're the experienced practitioner, always remember it's your mental state, not the numbers, is the thing you're aiming for.
  • NB! In any case, if you don't feel well while practicing, stop the session, and renew it once you're comfortable.

How to set the training duration

  1. Go to Control tab.
  2. Press on "Training duration" item.
  3. Using a picker, pick the amount of time or of cycles, and press "OK".
  4. Use the "Sand clock" button on the right, to switch between "time" and "cycles" shown.
  • The training duration may differ from the one you've set, as the session should comprise the integral amount of cycles.