Navy Seal breathing

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Navy Seal breathing is the extra preset training type in Prana Breath app, available in Guru version.

Download: Navy_Seal_breathing.trng


  • controlling fight-or-flight body reaction
  • helping to concentrate on current task
  • reducing anxiety
  • fighting fear away
  • increasing physical endurance

Origin, history

This is the pattern American Navy Seals use during the trainings in extraordinary conditions, so they can shift the focus from outer to inner, and to control the instinctive body reactions, in order to make right decisions and to survive. This breathing type was taken from the book of Erik Bertrand Larssen "No Mercy. Be your best with mental training". .
In Prana Breath this training type is adapted even for people that don't usually do what like Navy Seals do, but still need to get back the ability to think rationally in stressful situations as soon as possible.

Setting the training

  1. Download this pattern if you don't have it yet.
  2. Choose this pattern in Training tab or Control tab.
  3. Set the optimal training complexity so the training brings you joy, yet doesn't seem too easy. Use the options in Control tab and/or Dynamic tab to adjust all parameters. It might be a good idea to add a fraction to "sec per unit" parameter.

Training process

  1. Choose the comfortable position, but you can walk or run as well.
  2. Empty your lungs, breathing out with effort ("Prepare").
  3. Inhale through your mouth, filling about 50% of your lungs volume.
  4. Retain the air for just a little.
  5. Inhale through your mouth again, adding 25% of your lungs volume.
  6. Retain the air for just a little, again.
  7. Inhale through your mouth, breathing in the rest 25% of your lungs volume.
  8. Exhale through your nose.
  9. Keep repeating this breath cycle till the end of your training session.
  10. After you're done, you might take some time for meditating and contemplating yourself. Or just do whatever you have to do, with less stress.

Other questions

How long should I train? How can I combine this pattern with another? Can I inhale through my nose?
If you have such or other questions, please look through the FAQ page.