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Ha breathing

New pattern waiting for you in our wiki database – meet “Ha breathing“!

Try it and feel the power of Taijiquan fighter, with this little part of Tai Chi – Chinese internal martial art, meditation and health practice system!

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Square breathing & Pratiloma

Today we have 2 new patterns ready for you – “Square breathing” and “Pratiloma”!

Square breathing is one of the simplest breathing exercises, and can be easily learned by a child! It might be a good first step, still it has a powerful effect! Read more & download here: Square breathing at Encyclopedia

Did you know that “Pratiloma”, meaning “the other way around”, is also a Sanskrit adjective being used to name the unequal marriage (disapproved by society),

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Prana Breath 6.0

Finally I’ve managed to get back to work on Prana Breath. Meet the new update and enjoy more features for your comfortable and diverse breathing sessions!

So here’s what we have in version 6.0:

  • Now the app is in Dutch and Hungarian! Thanks for Ronald de Wit, Nikolas Németh and István János-Széll!
  • Languages can be changed without restarting
  • Absolutely all settings are saved in a backup file
  • Logarithmic (and thus more natural) volume control
  • New sounds thanks to Reiner Mausen!

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Prana Breath 5.1

Now we have new version released, 5.1. It is full of new useful features, and two new languages added – Simplified Chinese and Turkish (thanks for Angelita Li and Remzi Eriş).

Here is a list of new features for curious ones:

  • New buttons – “Open” and “Start” in the notification. If you press “Start”, the training starts without launching the app
  • “Video-guidance”

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Prana Breath 5.0

Now, in a new 5.0 version of Prana Breath, there are even more features for comfortable practice!

  • Now the app is in Czech and Polish! Thanks for Milan Tomáš and Robert Wąsik!
  • And even in Traditional Chinese! Thanks for Angelita Li!
  • “Details” – menu item in Training tab
  • Now all sound settings are in separate tab
  • Option for resetting all settings to defaults
  • Phase transition and metronome volume now affect the vibro mode as well
  • Fixed bugs

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Prana Breath 4.2

What’s new:

  • Now the app is in Italian! Thanks for Andrea Penna and Christian Pastori!
  • Ongoing notification during the training (in notification area), with control buttons
  • “+1” (minute or cycle) – button in Training tab
  • “Silent” – button in Training tab
  • Stop/pause sound volume control
  • Duplicating training pattern option
  • Custom training name length now unlimited
  • First day of the week set,

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100 000 downloads

Hooray, we’ve got 100 000! I’m exited to say that now there are more than 100 000 of downloads of Prana Breath, and it’s less that in 11 month since the app’s start! Promise to keep up the good work so you will enjoy your practice even more!

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Prana Breath 4.1

Today the new unplanned version was released because of the critical after-purchase bug for Turkish locale. If you’ve ever had this bug please contact me and I will return your money back.

Anyways in the new version we have:

  • Fixed critical bug: after-purchase crashing in Turkish locale
  • Now the app is in German! Thanks for Bernhard Auer and Yvonne Hubertus!
  • Added the volume control for every sound type separately
  • Changed the stop sound to more audible

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