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Here you might find modern research articles that prove the benefits of breathing gymnastics:

Reducing stress level

  • Slow breathing increases tranquility [Mark Krasnow, Kevin Yackle, Jack Feldman and others, 2017]
  • Deep breathing lowers oxidative stress levels, lowers cortisol levels and highers melatonin levels. [Diaphragmatic Breathing Reduces Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress (Daniele Martarelli, Mario Cocchioni, Stefania Scuri, and Pierluigi Pompei, 2009)]
    • Some explanation what oxidative stress does to your body. [Oxidative Damage of Nuclear DNA in Liver of Rats Exposed to Psychological Stress (Shuichi Adathi, Ken Kawamura, and Kazuo Takemoto, 1993)]
  • Increases stress resistance [The effect of meditation on perceived stress (Dias S., 1997)]

Balances the hormone level

  • Improves mood [Serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine metabolites in transcendental meditation-technique (Bujatti M, Riederer P., 1976)]
  • Meditation that includes deep regular breathing affects blood test results [Hormonal and biochemical responses to transcendental meditation (R. Cooper, B. I. Joffe, J. M. Lamprey, A. Botha, R. Shires, S. G. Baker, and H. C. Seftel, 1985)]

Improves concentration

  • Improves academic performance of children [Academic Performance among Middle-School Students after Exposure to a Relaxation Response Curriculum (Benson H., Wilcher M., Greenberg B.; Huggins E., Ennis M., Zuttermeister P., Myers P.,Friedman, R., 2000)]

Supports cardiovascular system

  • Stabilizes the heart rate [EEG Spectral Analysis of Relaxation Techniques (Gregg D. Jacobs, Richard Friedman, 2004)]

Relieves drug abuses and addictions

  • Fights toxic cravings [Combating Addiction with Meditation (Patricia Carrington, 1999)]
  • [Meditation Subculture and Drug Use (H. C. Ganguli, 1985)]
  • [A Longitudinal Study Of The Influence Of The Transcendental Meditation Program On Drug Abuse (Schenkluhn H., Geisler M., 1974)]

Prevents anti-social behavior

  • [Meditation Research: The State of the Art in Correctional Settings (Samuel Himelstein, 2011)]
  • [A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation in Prison. Effects on Psychological Well-Being and Behavioural Functioning (Katherine M. Auty, Aiden Cope, Alison Liebling, 2015)]